• November (2018)

    Although it‘s another great day for our users, we cannot say the same for bookmakers. But that’s why we are here for, right? Due to the continuous development process, we have crossed another milestone, which is enhancing mobile users experience on BetBallers. Based on the user requests and site‘s analytics, we have found out that […]

  • October (2018)

    The latest updates: – Improved page load time – Interactive timeline (Track game statistics by minute by sliding the range slider) – Compact view (The alternative layout with smaller font-sizes and margins) – Choose a custom date range to filter league statistics and previous games – Export historical league data into a CSV file (Available […]

  • May (2018)

    Just a quick note to all who like to bet on the asian corners or the first half goal line! We have improved the Schedule page by adding two new columns – Asian Corners & FH Over 0.5%. By the way, you can sort the upcoming games by clicking on the column’s title. In addition: […]

  • April (2018)

    BetBallers is like Rome, and that wasn’t built in a day. Striving for greatness as well as a desire to give back to our community has lead us to take another great step forward. It’s been a long time since we have launched any updates; but great things take a lot of time and cannot […]

  • August (2017)

    New features: – We thought about some eye candy and have converted team performance throughout the game into charts. – In addition we have updated the team’s single view stats to be more precise. You can now select on how many games (last 5, 10, 15) your statistics will be based on. This should give […]

  • July (2017)

    We have made quite the few changes. Odds comparison (asian bookies), updated league tables, team covering rates, statistical tables, in-play market toggler and more.

  • May (2017)

    New Feature: Under Home/Away previous click on the database icon, to reveal how opponent team has performed against same team. Remove Leagues from In-play list. Save time by removing league with no interest. From Teams info page, you are now able to check the „Conceded“ averages quickly and conveniently. Divide league statistics by year. Add […]

  • October (2016)

    UPDATE: As of next week we are launching customisable notifications for testing which will be available to all goldballers until the end of october.

  • September (2016)

    Update 1 In cooperation with BetBallers Team & our well-respected members we have successfully reached yet another level. We have made some magnificent developments. So if you have not signed up and redeemed your free trial, now there are some more reasons to do it. Even more adjustable and customisable interface and momentum filters: You […]

  • August (2016)

    SMALL CHANGES, BIG DIFFERENCE! Two major developments coming soon! —– NOTIFICATIONS! —– BETA version is already available for all the Gold and Demo BetBallers. Check more about setting notifications up and how does they work from pictures below. There are 6 different type of notifications: 1) Favourite team performing well 2) Momentum Change 3) Check […]

  • June (2016)

    TIP OF THE DAY: We have come up with a new feature on BetBallers.com! When a team is on + 0.5 asian or higher and has at least 50 % DA-s, is color-coded like seen on the picture below.

  • May (2016)

    UPDATE: Today we launched another alternative tab, where you can find stats for youth games.

  • April (2016)

    TWO UPDATES: 1) League search is added which shows league table with most useful statistics, leagues overall averages based on our database and most recent results with stats from our database. So now you can easily check league statistic and averages etc 2) Under RESULTS you can check previous matches from main sources and now […]