Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your attention, please? Once again, BetBallers has been cooking like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen!

There is a list of the latest well-done features:

  • Three new filters (Goal Difference 1; Goal Difference 2, Corners Momentum). Corners Momentum: applies only on matches where e.g., 2-0 corners to the home side at HT then away goes 2-0 on corners on the 2nd half (2-2). Some will be early pressure but would give you a chance to see if the game has wind
  • Added the Likelihood type and events to the custom notification rules
  • Added the Shots on/off-target (last 10-15-20 minutes) event to the custom notification rules
  • An option to limit specific notification only on Favourited matches/Favourited team matches/Favourited league matches
  • Extended the Likelihood stats by splitting home and away matches respectively

Latest updates

  • November 2019

    Yo ballers, simply put the notifications tab is on steroids like Arnold Schwarzenegger back in days. From now on it, is possible to track the results of notifications you have received by filtering them by the following markets: Goal Line (over/under); Asian Handicap (-/+); Asian Corners (over/under). In addition, it is possible to see either […]

  • September 2019

    We have hit another home run with the latest update! A new feature, the likelihood scanner, has been added on the In-Play and Schedule page. It means that from now on, you can filter the list of football games by the averages and likelihood stats you set on the scanner. There is also an option […]

  • June 2019

    There is a list of the latest updates: Added a new field to the notification section to exclude leagues Added a new stats to the app (Avg. time 1st goal scored, Avg. time 1st goal conceded) Filter previous games by home/away option Extended percentage value type to the following events: corners, total shots, shots of […]

Latest blog posts

  • Football statistics service

    Quick insight of our football statistics tool and its features (Part 1) (2019)

    Hi guys, the following video will give you a quick insight of the BetBallers site and its features. The In-Play view We are covering games from 3 different sources: The main view has the best coverage of the games and markets which means you will probably spend most of the time on this page searching […]

  • Likelihood and Variance stats explained

    Explaining the Likelihood and Variance (aka Error) stats (2019)

    Variance stats (aka Error stats) The variance stats show an average difference from the starting handicap line. It gives you an idea of whether a team’s over/undervalued and see which league/teams the market has priced most incorrectly in the past. The calculation is: [Team’s score difference] -/+ [Team’s starting line]. Always using the absolute value. […]

  • Notification center results

    How to create custom in-play alerts/notifications (2019)

    In-play alerts have a massive role during live football matches in betting nowadays. Every profitable soccer bettor knows it. Users of the BetBallers platform can create custom notifications for live stats such as dangerous attacks, total shots, corners, cards, odds, and more. Notifications will increase the chance to get high-quality bets based on statistics. Especially […]

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