We have asked our users to write a couple of lines about BetBallers. Read below to find out why people appreciate our platform and why we are considered the best football statistics tool for in-play and pre-game betting.

It will soon be a year since I use Betballers. since then, I realized that all the others are inferior in their functionality and capabilities, and only one site can be used for successful betting. I would like to note and say thank you for the pressure index chart!

Betballers gives you all you need to make money football betting. It is the tools to come up with your own proprietary strategy so if you use ballers well you won’t need to pay for tipsters. In addition, the customer service is very good and they’re quick to respond to any suggestions that you may have.

BetBallers has been my little helper while conducting pre-game research for some time now. I really enjoy every bit of it, specially the likelihood stats, 1×2 dropping odds and the Comparison tab obviously. The comprehensive football statistics at its best.

Been a baller since day one, and I amazed by the fact how much the tool has improved since then. I enjoy the app and notifications functionality the most; it has saved me a lot of valuable time during the weekends, especially when I can’t be behind the PC.

I have tried out some similar football statistics services, but BetBallers is without any doubt the best one out there. Continuous developments show that BB Team is focused on keeping the quality of the service as high as possible. Glad you finally launched the pressure index chart!

Since I discovered BetBallers I can’t bet without it anymore. Fantastic statistics tool, with a brilliant graphic and tons of user-friendly options. You won’t miss a good bet thanks to a great mobile app too. Fully approved!
Salvatore (Italian Stallion)

The whole list of features felt a bit overwhelming at first glance, but once I got used to it in couple of weeks, I was absolutely thrilled by the features of BetBallers that were beyond my expectations. Highly recommended to join!

BetBallers has become one of our most reliable football prediction tools. With the right tools; the predictions and forecast never fail. We are happy that we found BetBallers, and so are our readers!

Worth every penny! It wasn’t very easy to begin with, as there are so many different statistical numbers together on the site. But after some time I found it be a very user-friendly tool. I like the fact that I can personalise the in-play layout and create custom notifications based on live stats, odds and likelihood percentages, etc. Never seen that type of functionality anywhere else so far.

Informative and helpful BetBallers app and website has greatly improved my betting statistics and ROI. I will recommend to any serious tipster or one who bets for fun. Top notch and on point statistics.

I have been betting on corners for more than six years by now and never seen any tool like BetBallers before. I personally find it to be a handy tool for corner bettors. Has increased my ROI significantly, as well as eased the process of finding a suitable bet. Thanks to in-play alerts, BetBallers has been like a personal tipster for me.

I could never imagine that there exists that type of football statistics database like BetBallers. Thank god I managed to find it by using the Google’s search engine. My experience with you has been amazing so far! I like how you have paid attention to details, as well as my feature requests. Not many platforms pay as much as attention to users feedback as you guys.

The best live scores app on the market, said by a football tipster with more than 10 years of experience in betting! I believe you have done great job with keeping up the pace of bookmakers. I enjoy a wide coverage of games that BetBallers offers every day. Nowdays, it is vital to have as comprehensive statistics as possible to beat bookies. BetBallers has done an amazing work on that regard.

Fantastic site you have there! By far the best thing I have come across for keeping an eye on in-play action. Even someone with almost no knowledge of football could make money if they use it wisely! Lots of small things that I find helpful!

BetBallers is essential in my daily life as a professional betting. Its database is fantastic. It helps us to make complex decisions. Certainly when purchasing BetBallers services, the chances of a bettor being successful are considerably increased.
Erick Feitosa

BetBallers is just like my girlfriend, who knows how to take care of my needs. With one exception – it makes me money, not spend it like one blonde does… I believe that any type of football bettor can find something useful to benefit from by using BetBallers. It is a true all-in-one solution, you will lovin’ it.

Send us an email to info@betballers.com if you want to see your testimonial here!

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