Hi Guys,

some time has passed now since we last presented on the power of BetBallers and all its features.  And, since we have evolved significantly since then, we think it is time again to take a look at the latest features and how they can be used best to your advantage.  

Those of you who have not yet signed up with us, may wonder what type of tool BetBallers is, what is it really like, what can it do for me?  Well, BetBallers greatness is difficult to match. But if a comparison WERE to be drawn, we would be talking about the best, names like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lebron James.  We’re talking GREATNESS here. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool meant for football bettors to enhance their betting experience by providing the most comprehensive statistics out there.

So, without further ado, let’s see what BetBallers can do for you!

To begin with, let’s take a look at the IN-PLAY view.  

We have added several new filters that will do just that, filter the matches list based on your selections.  For instance, corner bettors can use the AC market meaning Asian Corners MARKET filter to find out where an Asian Corners market exists.  Goal-line bettors, on the other hand, may find it useful to filter matches by SCORE 0-0, or in other words, in games where neither team has scored yet.  

Underneath the filters, you can find what’s called, LIKELIHOOD STATS .  These numbers represent the percentage of times an event has happened thus far based on the last ten games maximum.  Likelihood stats can be used with filters as well. For instance, you can use the SCORE 0-0  filter with the Goals likelihood stats to get a quick insight into which teams tend to score more in general.  By doing this, you can easily spot potential Goal-line bets.  

Another way to use likelihood stats is to enable the likelihood column on the Layout Settings tab.  By doing this, you can see the likelihood stats based on your given selection, one at a time.  The number on the top – left side shows the home team stats, and the right side number shows away stats.  The small green number indicates the number of games on which these stats are based. The number underneath shows the average of both sides. 

Additionally, there is a scanner on the in-play view where you can set the likelihood stats that you want to filter games based on.  You can save the selected filters to make the search easier the next time. Along with setting the likelihood stats, you can add rules about different average stats as well;  for example, the average number of full-time or first-half goals, corners, goals-to-shots ratio, and so on.  

The same scanner is available on the Schedule page.  Use this scanner to build an accumulator bet or for conducting pre-game research.  Additionally, a selection of the in-play filters and likelihood stats is visible on the Schedule page as well.  

Moving on, another new stat is called Error stats, also known as Variance stats, which is located on both the in-play AND schedule page.  The error stats show the average difference from the starting handicap lines of Goal-Line, Asian Handicap or Asian Corners markets. It gives a clear idea of whether a team is over OR under-valued and shows which league OR teams the market has priced most inaccurately in the past.  

Read more about the formula behind these stats on our blog or take a look at the Information tab.  In a nutshell, the lower the number, the more accurate the work is that the bookmakers have done.  Therefore, we recommend searching for teams with higher numbers since THAT is where there should be more potential value.  

Now let’s take a look at the Match page and some of the latest features we have launched there.

If we have information about team line-ups, we have created a tab for this as well.

We have included a new tab for adding notes about the match or teams.  The notes tab is visible on each team’s page, as well as on each match page.  It is a great way to keep records about teams and their performances, injuries, and so on.  

On the teams info tab, you can find the likelihood stats. The second likelihood section shows home and away team’s outcomes at their respective sides in the last ten games; in other words stats of home team playing at home only, with the away team playing away based on the last ten games. 

One of users’ favourite features is the Comparison tab. This gives you a quick overview of how teams have played against mutual opponents OR about their latest form in general.  Filter results by different criteria like… the league, mutual opponent, number of games, sides, and so on. This will allow you to see the teams’ averages based on these games.  

Besides the Comparison tab, a chance to create custom notifications is another popular feature. Users can create in-play alerts based on live stats, odds or likelihood percentages. Notifications can be received either via Push notification on the browser or phone ( incl. both  iOS or Android devices ). Read more about how to create custom notifications on our blog. 

Simply put, we are constantly making improvements to the site with the interest of football bettors in mind.  There are plenty of other useful gems on the site that we didn’t have room to mention here. So, it’s in your best interest to take some time to follow the blog page and keep an eye on our latest updates.  

Don’t keep yourself waiting, become a BetBaller NOW, I am pretty sure that your girlfriend would appreciate it too. Because you know, everybody likes ballers. 

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