Quick insight of our football statistics tool and its features (Part 1)

Hi guys, the following video will give you a quick insight of the BetBallers site and its features.

The In-Play view

We are covering games from 3 different sources:

  • The main view has the best coverage of the games and markets which means you will probably spend most of the time on this page searching for a potential bet.
    • We have made everything as user-friendly as possible, thus In-play view comes with various layout, filtering and sorting options. By clicking on the Settings button you will find all the layout settings, where you can add & remove columns by ticking or unticking them. You can also change the momentum minutes, the default one is 15 minutes, but it can be changed to either 10 or 20 minutes.  Click on the Save button if your layout settings are revised and set.  In addition, you can remove leagues you are not interested in from the in-play list.
  • The in-play games can be filtered by halves separately or by league and team name.
  • In turn, you can sort them by time, score, dangerous attacks and number of corners and so on. So let’s sort them by Dangerous attacks,  for instance.
  • More dominant stats will be marked in the red or pink color and in this case they will be on the top.
  • Stats marked with a blue border means that the underdog with +0.5 asian handicap or higher is performing better than its opponent.
  • The red color in the odds section indicates a change in the odds by 0.2 points or more since market opening, this will be applied only if the score is even.
  • Just so you know: L stands for Last, K for kick-off and S stands for Starting odds.
  • The red and pink colors indicate dominance by one team, the blue border draws an attention to the underdog’s performance with +0.5 or bigger Asian Handicap.
  • Listed by default in the market column, is the home team’s asian handicap line including odds. The listed market can be changed according to goal line, asian corners as well other markets.
  • By clicking on the bell icon that is next to the Asian Handicap odds or Corners count, you can set a custom notification for Asian Handicap, Goal line or corners.
  • For example you can set an alert if the goal line has changed to a more preferable line. At the bottom of the screen you can see an overview of the set notifications.
  • If you are  a notification kind of guy, then we have more good news for you! Just click on the notification button from the menu and you will see the notifications dashboard with pre-defined notifications we have set for you. In addition, you can create your own custom notifications by setting your own personal criteria.
  • Go ahead and play with the given options and find the best ones that fit your needs.

The Match Single page

Let’s go go through the tabs on this page

  • So the live stats tab – gives an overview of the course of the game, you can see teams performances in last 5 to 25 minutes, since last goal or red card.
  • The charts tab shows the teams’ performances in various graphs, it’s easy to track the moment when one team started to outperform the other.
  • The Odds tab – we cover various markets from multiple sources with odds movement tracking from pre-Game Status, through the game, until the end.
  • From the teams information tab you can find a variety of statistics, for example how many goals were scored or conceded on average; the average corners count and so on. When you scroll down you can see charts with both scoring as well as conceding minutes, and find out the time range when the probability to score or concede goals is the highest.
  • The league table tab should be self-explanatory.
  • The home and away game tabs give a quick overview of your team’s recent performance, moreover, we display the asian handicap and goal line results compared to starting lines that were set by the bookie. Thus, you can discover teams that have been priced incorrectly or simply performed below bookies expectations.
  • Having various filtering options is one of the high standards we have set ourselves, and there is no exception here either, you can filter your team’s games by changes in odds, losing as favourite, as well as winning as the underdog, and, there is a checkbox for showing first half stats.
  • Besides all that you can find mutual opponents results by clicking on the database icon.

The Schedule page

  • You can set an asian handicap and goal line alerts, plus list games by dropping odds.

The Results page

  • Showing today’s results, but you also can choose any other date in the past and list games by ranking underdogs.

The Favourites page

  • You can add a team, league or match to your favourites and all this data will be visible on the favourites page with statistics.  Moreover, you can get a notification on teams and leagues you have favourited if they appear on in-play view. This happens only if you have turned on either team or league notification.

The league page

  • Find out the league’s statistics, league rankings, previous and upcoming games – all from one place.

The statistics page

  • We have listed different statistical rankings of teams and leagues, for instance, you can find out the highest scoring leagues. Or take a look at the teams who are performing really well lately and have won games as underdogs or  inversely, teams who lost a game as the favourite.
  • And in the last tab you can filter teams by win rate of covering the “Goal line” or Asian Handicap, it can help to find the well-performing teams and the ones that have been priced incorrectly by bookies.

In a nutshell, The Betballers site is a helpful and extremely useful tool to enhance your betting experience, with that being said, why don’t you come and join us!

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