6 factors that can influence football betting odds

Factors that affect football betting odds

Here are a few factors that affect the odds (and lines) of football betting, and you should keep an eye on these factors to become a great football bettor.

Home and away form

When it comes to cold, hard, facts-based betting, then team form (Home and Away) plays a significant role in determining the betting odds. Some of the teams are performing exceptionally well at home only; others tend to perform better while playing away. Our site gives an excellent overview of team form both at home and away venues. Also, we recommend taking a look at the Comparison tab we have on the match page that gives a quick overview of mutual opponents matches.


Another essential factor that can impact betting outcomes is a team’s schedule. This means that if a team has had successive away matches, has been traveling a lot or has to face difficult opponents in back to back matches, then it will impact their performance in the subsequent match. Although this is a tricky stat to look towards while betting, but it can be an important one that determines the outcome in your favour. Thus, it is important for you to closely follow the schedule for the teams you are interested in, see their opponents, and the intensity of the match before placing your bet on the team.

Our site gives an excellent overview of the team’s results and upcoming schedule that may help to determine the possible outcome of a match.


Lineups and substitutions leave a significant impact on the match. To become a great football bettor, you must have in-depth knowledge about players, team managers, and how they perform during the matches. Besides that, you need to know the form a player is in. Similarly, a team lineup with injuries can also impact the final outcome of the match. For example, if a key player for a team is injured, then this will have a significant impact on a team’s performance. Also, lineups play a substantial role in reserve leagues or other lower leagues, as teams may often include back-up players from the first team. While betting, you must keep all these factors in mind to effectively bet on the right side.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions are another major factor that impacts the odds and, ultimately, the outcome of the match. Weather, and usually a harsh one, makes it difficult for the visiting team to perform well. Especially if their domestic weather is different from the one, they experience during the match. As a result, the bookies take a deep not of the weather conditions at the arena and then compare it to the domestic weather conditions of the visiting team. Therefore, the weather is a clear indicator for bettors to choose their winning side.

In-play / live betting

This is the part where betting gets interesting. As a new bettor, it is crucial to study the trend of experienced bettors and how they tackle the in-play fluctuations to their benefit. Here steps BetBallers in. It has never been easier to get most out of football live statistics to increase a chance to win your soccer bet. Our momentum filter helps you to detect the moment when one team is out-performing the other. Detecting a well-performing underdog with a plus Asian Handicap is just a click away, as well as a favourite team that is likely to cover the current Asian Handicap with ease. Open the match page after getting a quick insight based on the live stats and score on in-play to take a closer look at the league table, odds, team info (form), previous results, schedule, comparison, mutual opponents, likelihood stats and h2h (head to head) matches.

Furthermore, you cannot be fast to reach conclusions about a match early on without any in-depth knowledge about the teams. For instance, a team is known to make strong come-backs in the later stage of the game, and you bet against this team just because they conceded a goal early on.


Betting works like any other business where specific rules of the game are in play. Though this market is a little different from an ordinary one, certain similarities are essential to understand to make an impact on the betting arena. The betting market, like any other market, depends on trading. This trading includes the exchange of money from bettors to the bookmakers based on the odds they have set. Odds are based on their perception of the outcome of the match. Essential factors the bookmakers look at are the relative strength of the competitors, the conditions of the team and weather, and the expectation where the money will be placed.

Based on these factors, the starting odds are set, but with match progress, these odds tend to change. The reason for this change can be injuries to players, goals scored, market confidence, and the money track, i.e., the flow of money also determines the odds.
So you can see that the money weight does impact the odds of a bet. If more money is placed on a team, it is because more people believe the team is going to win, and subsequently, the odds will drop. You can easily find dropping odds on the schedule page, as well, track them on the Odds page (odds changes from pre-Game status through the game Until the End, from multiple bookmakers).

Besides all that, you can set up in-play alerts based on market lines and odds movements and receive them onto the app or site (via Google Push Notifications).

Summing up, you must follow all these factors to bet effectively and make your bet count, against all the odds.

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