How to become a better football bettor

Become a profitable and successful football bettor

Introduction to becoming a profitable soccer bettor

Betting is an art that only a few understand in depth. And even fewer know that it’s overwhelmingly statistics and math that determine the outcome of a match. Moreover, there are a few people who believe they can never become better bettors as they consider it to be a matter of luck. Thus, here we bring you a few tips that you can implement to become a better football bettor.

1. Knowledge of sport, stick on one sport

The first and foremost step in becoming a good bettor is picking up your sport. Remember, to make swift betting decisions that will pay you back; you must have good knowledge of a competition. Furthermore, a lot of people try to invest in multiple sports at one time. We strongly recommend you to pick your sport, grow with it, learn about it and then start investing in the competition. Once you know the game inside out, you will be able to become a better bettor. Do not be the guy who’s a jack of all trades, master of none. 

2. Watch games

Furthermore, you can’t become an expert in a sport/game without investing time in watching it. This is one of the significant reasons that bettors are unable to make an impact early on. Similarly, a lot of people believe they can just jump in the betting arena and start winning. In reality, this is not possible until you invest a considerable amount of time watching the sport. Besides, watching the sport will also give you valuable insight into the behavioral patterns of the various players, umpires, and team managers. This observation will help you place your bets wisely and thus become better bettors with time. Do not forget to follow live football statistics and odds on BetBallers at the same time, it will give you a better insight of what’s going on. 

3. Follow tipsters, betting related communities, talk to other bettors

Gone are the days when people used to hide their winning strategies. Thanks to the internet, anyone can learn from the gurus of betting, and vast knowledge is just a few clicks away. For instance, you can easily register yourself on the TipIt tipping platform to follow and receive tips from other football tipsters from all over the world. Or join with any other online betting forums that can help you become better bettors.

4. Use a spreadsheet to track your bets

Now here comes the first part of staying organised. Staying organised is extremely important in betting. If you are unable to track your bets accurately, then you will be ending up making the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore, it is essential to monitor your bets. Moreover, you can also add comments on the result of the bets and which should have been your ideal bet. These small hints will help you stay organised and always have the data to analyse. This accumulated data plays a vital role in making informed decisions later on in the betting career. We highly recommend all our readers to maintain a proper spreadsheet for tracking your results. That being said, you can use the TipIt tipping platform with BetBallers itself to track your bets. For that, create a private group on Tipit, afterward generate a token key to connect Tipit and Betballers account.

5. Manage your bankroll

Getting carried away in betting is one of the significant problems that bettors face. That’s why effective management of the budget is essential. Therefore, split your stakes into three different sizes: small (3% of bankroll), medium (5% of bankroll), large (10% of bankroll). Use a small stake if you are not very confident in the result, in-turn large one if you are very confident in a positive outcome. Stick to your staking plan, else you will burn the money like 95% of start-ups. 

6. Discipline, think long-term

Another vital aspect of becoming a better bettor is by disciplining yourself. Disciplining yourself is essential as you might get carried away and place too many bad bets. A situation like that can result in substantial monetary losses for you. Thus, you must think long-term. That is to say, you should not take a temporary loss as an end to your career. Or make a defeat a matter of life and death. As if you are going to stay in-disciplined, then you might have to leave the betting arena very soon. 

7. Conduct research

And last but not least, contact your research. You need to have first-hand knowledge about betting and sports. Otherwise, you will become prey to the hefty betting dealers, who can influence your decision making too. Hence, you need to have historical football data and statistics about the game to make a proper betting decision. This is the place where BetBallers comes in. Betballers is live football score and statistics site, where you can find all the information about football stats to place a good in-play or pre-game bet. Previous results are with all the stats (Attacks, Dangerous Attacks, Corners, 1st-Half and 2nd-Half) and odds (different markets: 1×2, Goal-Line, Asian Handicap, Corners) you may need to place a best bet possible next time. As well as upcoming games (schedule) with likelihood (scanner) statistics of goals and corners stats; variance stats (bookmaker errors), covered lines of Asian Handicap, Goal-line, and Corners. Besides all that, you can set up in-play or pre-game alerts and receive custom or pre-set notifications via browser or on the app.


Summing, it can be easily determined that becoming a successful bettor is not a difficult task. All you need to do is stay focused, disciplined, and put some time into research to be a profitable football bettor. Furthermore, you will improve as a bettor in time only if you keep a track record of your performance. We are anxiously waiting for your comments and the impact our tips will have on your betting career.

Best of luck with your betting experience!

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