Soccer football 1x2 odds described

The term dropping odds is an essential term for a soccer bettor to understand. Especially when the game is moving fast, and things are changing at the rate of knots. If you can hold your nerve and understand dropping odds, you will be in a better position to maximise your profits from betting. As a result, we decided to let our football bettors understand the power of understanding odds, why they drop, and what should be your strategy in the face of dropping odds.

Understanding Dropping Odds

Merely seeing a bookmaker dropping the odds can be a misleading phenomenon that an experienced bettor should understand at an instant. Moreover, the odds can drop naturally, too. For instance, there is nothing to worry about, if you see a gradual change in the odds during the football match. But if you see the odds dropping for an overwhelming majority of bookmakers, let’s say for more than 15%, then there is something serious going on around. This is the time when you should act accordingly and make a move.

How to Act During Dropping Odds

There are majorly two ways in which you can do an act during changing odds, namely, before the match and during play. Let’s examine the two scenarios individually and see how you can act in each case to maximise your benefits.

Pre-match Odds Dropping

In case you need to make an informed bet based on the changing odds before the match, then you need to have in-depth knowledge about the season, the teams, weather, and other factors that can have an impact on the outcome of the match. We have explained all these factors that affect the outcome of the match in another article of ours that you can find here. Subsequently, if you detailed information about the little things that have an impact on the outcome of the match, you can make full use of the dropping odds. These small details can range from the weather of the game, an injury, the referee, or any such circumstance. Another possibility is that one of the popular soccer tipsters have posted a tip via the football tipping platform like A tipster with hundreds of followers can move a single market by multiple lines, as well. It is possible to keep an eye on dropping odds on our Schedule page. There is an extra sortable column where we show the number of drop in percentages. Listing the football games with the most significant odds drop is just one click away. Also, we have two pre-set notifications to detect the odds drop on the 1×2 market, called “PREGAME ODDS DROP BY 15-30%” and “PREGAME ODDS DROP BY 30%”. You will get an alert message on your phone or desktop browser if you have allowed the Google Push Notifications. 

In-Play Match Odds Dropping

Making the most of Dropping Odds during the match is a more complex subject. This is because the scenario of the game is changing every second and you need to know all about the history and the history of the team to make an informed decision. But as the experts of football betting call it, “the rule of 15%” can be used to make an informed decision during real-time play. The 15% rule means that if the odds drop or gain more than 15% during a match, this means that something is going on, and you need to make a move right away. 

Moreover, this will be the time when the experienced football trader will be putting their money in the bet. Although there is a substantial amount of risk involved in making a move when the odds change in that big a proportion, that is precisely the moment that can take you to new heights of winning. Just like on the Schedule page, we have several filters on the In-Play page to detect any odds drop quickly, like STARTING DROPPING ODDS (LAST); STARTING DROPPING ODDS (KICK-OFF), KICK-OFF DROPPING ODDS. To get the best effect possible, you can mix these filters with other ones like momentum change, underdog performing well, score even, etc. 

Your Betting Strategy for 1×2 Dropping Odds

Devising a specific strategy to make money during the changing odds is a complicated thing to do. Nevertheless, you can step into these uncharted waters once you are well-aware of the ins and outs of the game.

Furthermore, it also depends on the sport you are betting on. For instance, in football betting, it’s hugely to pinpoint the moment to make a move. Having said this, it’s also not impossible to see the trend of teams, players, weather, tipping, and even referees over time and make informed decisions based on the dropping odds involving then.

If you have in-depth knowledge about the game, then only can you relate the changing odds and the exact reason behind the change. Subsequently, this accurate knowledge about the changing of odds can help you devise the best betting strategy on changing odds.


Summing up, it can be easily observed that changing odds can only be deciphered once you have in-depth knowledge about the game. Moreover, there are different ways to tackle the dropping odds pre-match and during the match. If a bettor understands these differences and the rate by which the odds drop, then he can easily take advantage of the situation and maximise his betting profits. And finally, don’t forget the rule of 15%. If during the game, the odds are dropping more than 15% then the forces of the betting market in play and you must closely observe the newly shaping trend in the light of the current match situation. All the given information (live scores, previous matches, upcoming games, standings, and odds ) is easily accessible on the BetBallers site or the app. Go to the Schedule to find out the games where 1×2 odds have dropped or use the in-play filters as well as the specific notifications to get notified instantly when the football 1×2 odds are dropping. 

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