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In today’s world, football betting is on the rise with millions of people indulging in different types of online football betting, both for fun and professionally. Consequently, the maximum amount of money being placed on online football bets is increasing exponentially. Instead of playing as per one’s gut feeling, today, people look for data and statistics to make their final decision and quite often manage to emerge victorious. So, if you’re a football bettor who’s still relying on your own gut feeling to place winning bets, then this blog is definitely for you. We will introduce a great football statistical service to enhance your betting experience instantly.

Football Betting

Like any other betting, betting in sports comes with the risk of losing. You might be someone who’s super genius and always happen to make the right choice or someone who’s extremely lucky even in the most unfortunate of situations. However, if you don’t do adequate amount of research right now but still manage to win, don’t think that it will be this way forever. It doesn’t matter whether you’re betting professionally or for fun, if you don’t have a look at the statistics of each of the teams as well as the players, before placing your bets then eventually there will come a time when you’ll start losing.

There are plenty of websites and apps present online that provide you with multiple tips and football predictions regarding matches to help you place the right bet, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are genuine ones. Many of these websites have amateurs sitting behind the screens who aren’t using any accurate insights tools or statistical data to derive the results but are rather basing the information on their own intuition. At the end of the day, these amateurs do end up getting paid for the job that they do but basing your football bets on information provided by them lands you in a suffering zone. So, instead of wasting your time and energy on baseless websites, it is high time that you start looking out for accurate live football database (website) which is widely known in the market for their success rate such as the BetBallers.

Introduction to Football Betting with BetBallers (the most comprehensive football statistical service):

According to customer reviews, when it comes to enhancing performance of football live and pre-game betting through genuine statistics and authentic research, BetBallers is the perfect tool for all the football bettors out there. It’s a user friendly football statistical service platform which you can customise as per your own needs and provides you with possibly the best and the vastest coverage of football games happening every week. It is a full-fledge tool, which can assist you in your football betting strategy by providing you with useful data such as insight based statistics, betting odds and a notification system so that you’re always aware of any potential bets that you would want to get your hands on.

Features of BetBallers:

We are listing below a few features of BetBallers. These features will help you understand how you can benefit from BetBallers:

Push Notifications:

With BetBallers, you can have access to 26 different kinds of alerts to assist with your football betting. You can either choose the existing set of options or can even go for a custom made set as per your needs. Hence, eliminating the chances of you viewing useless information which you simply don’t need.

Accurate Statistics of :

Statistics are an important part of betting. Thus, you will discover a plethora of stats in all three sections. The in-play section provides you with an overall live score updates and statistics. These statistics include:

  • Total number of shots
  • Attacks
  • Dangerous Attacks
  • Corners stats
  • Penalty
  • Cards given
  • Odds tracking

In the schedule section, you can get useful statistics of matches from the past 7 days. Furthermore, you can have a look at the match stats. These match stats include:

  • How many goals were scored by a specific team
  • The goals to shot ratio
  • Information about the pre-match betting odds

Lastly, in the results section, passionate football bettors like you can get access to an infinite library of results of matches. These results will include:

  • A timeline of key events of each match
  • Detailed charts on dangerous shots played
  • Cards that are shown during the game

Thus, the results section contains it all. To better assist while the match is on, the results section also has the first half analysis. Further, you can view the full-time match information so you can alter your bets accordingly.

Mobile Application:

BetBallers also comes with an Android and iOS app which you can download for easy betting on the go. The app has the same features as the site itself: in-play football stats; schedule, results, odds changes and all the other soccer data you may need to place a great football bet.


By now, you must’ve made up your mind to give BetBallers a try. We welcome you with open arms to see for yourself the amazing options BetBallers offer. In fact, you might be worried about the lengthy subscription process and additional fee charges? It’s time to keep your worries aside because creating your own new BetBallers account is super simple. And it consists of no hidden charges at all.

For newcomers, BetBallers has a two-day free trial. During the trial, you can access all the different features that we’ve talked about above, without paying anything. This free trial-time period is a great way to test the tool. After the free trial, you can choose from a range of subscription options. These options include a double day, monthly and bi-yearly package, that costs €4.90, €29.99 and €149.90, respectively. Furthermore, you can pay via PayPal or Skrill for your chosen package.

Our best-seller is the one-month subscription package since it allows people to test out the tool fully. However, the 6-month package comes with a super-duper discount which any football bettor definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and subscribe to the package of your choice. And make your way into the world of football betting. You can now play with full confidence because with BetBallers on your side, no one can put you down.

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