Update 1

In cooperation with BetBallers Team & our well-respected members we have successfully reached yet another level.

We have made some magnificent developments. So if you have not signed up and redeemed your free trial, now there are some more reasons to do

Even more adjustable and customisable interface and momentum filters:

  • You can set your own momentum range of minutes you want to see on the main page
  • You can set match time range. So you can remove games 85+ etc, so you will see only games that still matters
  • Filter for only matches with 80%+ of DA’s. Should be very handy at weekends when there are lots of matches running and would like to filter out the most rapey matches instantly
  • Last 15 total shots indicator
  • In single and quick view you can check momentum since the last goal. One of the most wanted momentum filter.
  • H2H tab in Single & Quick view, to quickly find the Head-to-Head matches

Working on customisable notifications at the moment!

Update 2

You can now customise your view, to only show games with certain percentage of DA-s (for example upwards of 60 or 70) will be very good to customise the view on weekends with 200 games going on to tighter your selection of matches displayed on our site.

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